3D Models Greatly Enhance Understanding of Groundwater and Water Quality Issues

Bring your geologic logs and water quality data to LWS and we will produce not only the geologic, hydrogeologic, and water quality interpretations, but also turn the data into 3-dimensional visualizations similar to the model shown here:

Geologic log data can be processed and developed into 3D representations of the underlying strata. Water level data can then be incorporated into the 3D model to evaluate (a) water levels in various strata, (b) hydraulic connection between strata, and (c) the magnitude and direction of groundwater flow. If contaminant fate and transport is an issue, aqueous concentration data and/or vapor readings (e.g., from a photoionization detector) can be input to the model and viewed in three dimensions, with the ability to rotate the model in 360 degrees and from plan view to cross-sectional views.  

LWS, in collaboration with RockWare, can develop hydrogeologic and water quality models that have been incorporated into the RockWorks software to provide 3D visualizations of:

  • Subsurface lithology

  • Layering of sediments

  • Ground water level magnitude and direction

  • Horizontal and vertical flow movement

  • Contaminant concentrations and spatial distribution

3D visualizations can be developed by LWS from MODFLOW output files or can be developed from interpretation of geologic logs and water quality data that are developed in spreadsheet format for input to RockWorks. Therefore, LWS and RockWare can develop models and 3D visualizations from scratch using available data, or we can take models that have already been developed and produce 3D images and videos.

These models have proven to be very effective in assisting with the visualization of complex groundwater flow and contaminant fate and transport issues. These visualizations are particularly effective for targeted audiences that include stakeholders, regulators, or when the model is used in litigation matters.

Potential other uses for these models and 3D visualizations include evaluating groundwater aquifer sustainability, conjunctive use, aquifer yield, aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) projects, and forward and backward particle tracking.

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