LWS Presentations

2019 Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists

Lytle Water Solutions team member Chris Fehn, P.E., P.G., presented at the January AEG meeting in Golden, Colorado. His talk, titled “An Innovative Model to Solve Colorado’s Projected Front Range Water Crisis” explained LWS’ ongoing project with Parker Water & Sanitation District (PWSD) and the Northeast Colorado Water Cooperative (NECWC). The project began in response to Colorado’s growing need for municipal water supplies and creates an economically and environmentally sound solution to maximize beneficial use of irrigation water supplies in the Lower South Platte River and use some of the increased efficiency to make water available for municipal interests along the Front Range.

2018 American Water Resources Association Annual Conference

Mr. Lytle was a speaker at the 2018 annual AWRA conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Lytle’s presentation, entitled “3-Dimensional Geologic and Groundwater Flow Visualizations” focused on recent geologic and groundwater flow models that have been completed by LWS and the 3-dimensional visualizations that were developed of these models, in collaboration with RockWare. The 3D visualizations and videos greatly assisted in (a) interpreting complex geologic depositional environments, allowing for the determination of stratigraphic sequencing in the basin MODFLOW model, (b) tracking the magnitude and direction of contaminant flow in colluvial and bedrock strata, and (c) tracking the recharge of water into an alluvial aquifer and the subsequent recovery of this water in an aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) project.

2018 Colorado Environmental Management Society Fall Conference

Mr. Bruce Lytle and Mr. Chris Fehn were invited speakers at the 2018 Annual Fall Conference of the Colorado Environmental Management Society (CEMS) at the Champions Club at Broncos Stadium. The presentation, “Improving Water Management and Sustainability in the Two Largest Water Supply Sectors in Colorado,” focused on integrated water resources management between municipal and agricultural water suppliers to improve the efficiency of water deliveries for agricultural use while, at the same time, making water available to serve municipal growth along the Front Range of Colorado to reduce the water supply “gap” identified in the 2015 Colorado Water Plan. The integrated water management plan is using a point flow and exchange model to assess project components to optimize water supply delivery efficiency with the required infrastructure.

2018 American Water Works Association Annual Conference & Exposition

Mr. Lytle was requested to be a member of a panel of experts discussing “The Revolution of Subsurface Water Storage” at the 2018 American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada. Major topics of discussion included the role that aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) can play in future water supply planning, design elements to ASR wells, regulatory issues with permitting, required monitoring, costs related to conjunctive use water systems that incorporate ASR, the need to assess chemical compatibility of source water and native aquifer water, and methodologies for achieving subsurface water storage, including wells and rapid infiltration basins.

2018 Colorado Water Quality Program Managers

Lytle Water Solutions and RockWare were invited speakers at the Colorado Water Quality Program Managers May 2018 meeting to discuss the advantages of 3-dimensional geologic and hydrogeologic modeling. The presentation, entitled “3D Models That Provide a Deep Understanding of Subsurface Conditions, Even For Laypersons”, provided case studies of 3D models that have been developed by LWS and RockWare, as well as video clips showing the usefulness of 3D visualizations in understanding complex subsurface geologic and flow conditions.

2018 Multi-State Salinity Coalition Conference

Mr. Lytle was an invited speaker at the Multi-State Salinity Coalition annual conference in Las Vegas on February 8, 2018. Mr. Lytle’s presentation “Numerical and Visual Tracking of Groundwater Flows and Contaminants” focused on recent LWS projects where complex geologic and groundwater flow issues were effectively modeled using numerical modeling tools and then input to software that provides 3-dimensional depictions to visualize geologic and hydrogeologic complexities, as well as contaminant movement through groundwater. The 3-dimensional software allows not only the ability to view the area being modeled in three dimensions but also to rotate the images and make slices through the area of interest to gain a deeper understanding of issues that need to be resolved. The presentation provides video clips demonstrating the usefulness of these tools.

2017 Colorado Bar Association, Environmental Section

LWS was asked to present at a monthly meeting of the Environmental Section of the Colorado Bar Association on the topic of "3D Models for Contaminant Migration and Basin-wide Flow Modeling." Two vastly different case studies were presented to demonstrate 3D modeling tools used to generate a simple visualization model for a typical contaminant spill vs a much more complex 3D flow model involving thousands of wells. The contaminant spill case study shows preferential contaminant migration in sandstone from a single slug release from a tank battery. A "live software demonstration" of the model was given to discuss the components which allowed for meaningful interpretations regarding plume movement. The basin-wide geologic case study was for a multi-year development of a 3D basin-wide flow model in a complex hydrogeologic setting to support cost-recovery, remedial actions, and future ground water management in the basin.  The videos used in this presentation can be found on www.youtube.com/lytlewater.

2016 Commercial Real Estate Marketing Network

Mr. Bruce Lytle was an invited speaker at a monthly meeting of commercial brokers, providing a presentation entitled "Basic Principles of Colorado Water Law and Water Rights Valuations." This presentation focused on the fundamental principles of Colorado water law and issues to be aware of when selling or purchasing water rights. The factors that are important in valuing water rights was also discussed.

2016 GSA Annual Conference

LWS gave a presentation on “Difficulties in Modeling Systems with Extreme Climate Records: Is a Model of a Groundwater System During a Drought Unrepresentative or Conservative?”. This presentation focused on the problems often faced by ground water modelers when determining the correct amount of detail to build into a simulation when addressing questions posed by the client. Using a basin east of Denver as a case study, LWS personnel described three separate potential model designs, their resulting modeled impacts on the system, and addressed how each of the three models presented - though similar in design — answered different potential questions posed by a client.

2016 KW Commercial Real Estate

Bruce Lytle was an invited speaker at a Keller Williams weekly meeting of commercial brokers, providing a presentation entitled "Basic Principles of Colorado Water Law and Water Rights Valuations." This presentation focused on the fundamental principles of Colorado water law and issues to be aware of when selling or purchasing water rights. The factors that are important in valuing water rights was also discussed.

2015 Cherry Creek Stewardship Conference

Surface Water Supply Reservoir

Surface Water Supply Reservoir

Mr. Lytle was an invited speaker at the 17th Annual Cherry Creek Stewardship Conference, providing a presentation entitled "Rueter-Hess Reservoir Update:  That "Other" Influential Reservoir in the Cherry Creek Basin." This presentation focused on an update of Rueter-Hess Reservoir and the influences its operation is going to have on Cherry Creek hydrology, both related to integration into Parker Water and Sanitation District's water supply system and as a regional water management structure for other water providers in the Upper Cherry Creek Basin.

2015 CWWCA Annual Conference

LWS gave a presentation on "Practical Resources to Access Water Quality Data" to approximately 200 water well contractors at the the Colorado Water Well Contractors Association conference in Denver on January 9, 2015. It is not widely known in the industry, but Rule 10 of the Colorado Water Well Construction Rules requires that contractors investigate and become familiar with the geology of potential aquifers and known contaminated water-bearing zones, anticipate water quality problems, seal off known sources of contaminants, and advise the well owner that known zones of poor quality water may be penetrated by the borehole in the production zone of the aquifer. However, even though this rule requires extensive water quality knowledge by the contractor, a statewide comprehensive water quality data collection program does not currently exist. LWS conducted a live online demonstration of several accessible data source websites which interested parties can use to research ground water quality issues throughout Colorado to assist with meeting the requirements of Rule 10 and to gain general knowledge of water quality in the vicinity of wells being drilled.

2014 ASCE Presentation

Mr. Lytle was an invited speaker at the ASCE Environmental & Water Resources Institute November 2014 meeting, and made a presentation entitled "ASR Technologies: Opportunities and Limitations." Mr. Lytle's presentation focused on his extensive experience with aquifer storage and recovery (ASR), both in the Denver Basin bedrock aquifers and in alluvial aquifer systems. Mr. Lytle provided information on key parameters to evaluate when assessing if an ASR project will be technically and economically feasible, as well as the institutional issues that will be faced both in permitting ASR projects and in the operations and maintenance of an ASR project. Specific examples of ASR projects which Mr. Lytle has developed, implemented and evaluated were utilized to provide information on the opportunities, but also the limitations, related to ASR.

2014 AWRA Annual Conference

Conjunctive Use System Using ASR

Conjunctive Use System Using ASR

Mr. Lytle made a presentation at the 2014 AWRA Annual Conference in Tysons Corner, Virginia, entitled "Temporal and Spatial Water Management Using ASR." The presentation focused on a basin-wide aquifer storage and recovery project in the Lost Creek Basin, Colorado, that will utilize a large alluvial aquifer system for underground storage, with a large alluvial aquifer well field for recovery of the water during times of need. Based on the areal extent of the storage and the large production capability in the alluvial aquifer well field, this alluvial storage facility will have the capability to meet municipal base demands, peak demands, and/or provide carryover storage for a drought protection supply. The project has been evaluated using a numerical transient ground water model of the entire basin to assess operating parameters and the means to prevent injury to other water rights, but also proposes an extensive water level and water quality monitoring network that will collect pre-recharge data as well as data during recharge and recovery operations.

2014 Colorado Rural Water Association Conference

Mr. Bruce Lytle was invited to make a presentation at the February 2014 Colorado Rural Water Association conference in Colorado Springs, entitled "Basic Principles of Colorado Water Law and its Application to Water Supply Development." The presentation focused on an explanation of various aspects of Colorado Water Law and water rights, and ways in which water rights affect how municipalities and special districts develop water supply systems. Mr. Lytle's presentation also addressed means to manage water supplies and water supply wells.

2014 Colorado Rural Water Association Conference

LWS was invited to speak to a large group of public water system operators on the "Fundamentals of Well Design, Installation and Rehabilitation" at the Colorado Rural Water Association's annual conference in Colorado Springs. The presentation covered topics including: aquifer properties and ground water migration; researching existing well records; selection of drilling methods based on the formation type, depth, and borehole diameter requirements; sizing of casings and screens considering tensile/collapse strengths, corrosion, and gravel pack; design of gravel pack and grout based on the formation characteristics; downhole logging methods for geophysical, mechanical, and video needs; the critical importance of well development and aquifer testing; and well rehabilitation methods such as jetting, brushing, and chemical treatment.

2013 Cherry Creek Stewardship Conference

Mr. Lytle was an invited speaker at the 15th Annual Cherry Creek Stewardship Conference, presenting new water management strategies potentially being implemented in the Upper Cherry Creek Basin by basin water providers. Mr. Lytle's presentation, entitled "Regional Water Supply Update: On the Cutting Edge of Water Development Strategies," focused on new water management strategies designed to maximize beneficial use of in-basin water supplies, as well managing transbasin supplies being brought into the Cherry Creek Basin.

2013 Colorado Foundation for Water Education Tour

Mr. Lytle was an invited speaker at the Colorado Foundation for Water Education's "Linking Land and Water" Tour on September 27, 2013. Mr. Lytle's presentation, "Water Supply Planning Integrated with Land Use Development," focused on how long-term water supply quantity, quality, and dependability are addressed through Douglas County land use regulations. Mr. Lytle originally assisted Douglas County in the development of its water use regulations.

2013 AWRA Summer Specialty Conference - Agricultural Hydrology

Mr. Bruce Lytle made a presentation at the March 2013 AWRA conference in St Louis, Missouri, entitled "Can Agricultural (Rural) Economies be Sustained in the Face of Municipal Water Supply Pressures?" The presentation focused on the ongoing research being conducted by Colorado State University scientists and economists on viable alternatives to the practice of "buy and dry" to make municipal water supplies available from previously-irrigated lands. Lytle Water Solutions is serving as the technical liaison to the Parker Water and Sanitation District in evaluating the means to provide technically-defensible changes of use and to assess economically-feasible means to transport the water to the Front Range of Colorado.

2012 SDA Annual Conference

Mr. Lytle was an invited speaker at the September 2012 Special District Association conference in Keystone, Colorado, presenting on "What are the Options for Future Water Supplies along the Front Range?" Mr. Lytle's presentation first identified the water supply issues facing Colorado based on its growing population, and then focused on the various water supply options available to meet Colorado's growing water demand needs into the future. Mr. Lytle's presentation addressed conservation and reuse, as well as the development of new water supplies and the conversion of existing supplies to different uses to meet Colorado's needs.

2012 - 30th Annual American Bar Association Water Law Conference

Mr. Lytle was an invited speaker at the February 2012 ABA conference in San Diego, California, presenting on "Surface Water Hydrology." Mr. Lytle was asked to provide the basic principles of surface hydrology for water and environmental attorneys to provide a better understanding that would afford practitioners and opportunity to deal with increasingly complex hydrologic issues that may lead to acceptance, rejection, or modification of determinations affecting clients.