Production Well Design/Installation/Testing

Parker Water and Sanitation District: 

LWS personnel have assisted PWSD with the development of both its Denver Basin bedrock aquifer well field, as well as an extensive alluvial aquifer well field associated with Cherry Creek. Deep bedrock wells at depths ranging from 400 feet to 2,800 feet have been designed and installed, as well as designing well development and aquifer pump testing protocols and ultimately providing analysis of aquifer pump test data to determine pump setting depths and both short-term and long-term pumping rates. Through the development of its ground water supply system, PWSD has grown from approximately 400 taps to over 18,000 taps currently.

Production well installation

Production well installation

Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities: 

The Cheyenne BOPU operates five alluvial aquifer well fields in the Ogallala aquifer and, over time, wells have needed to be replaced. LWS has provided the design and construction observation services related to replacement wells in the Bell and Happy Jack well fields. Aquifer pump test data have been used to evaluate the optimum pumping rates for these wells, given the generally declining water levels in the Ogallala aquifer. Once the well construction and aquifer testing was complete, these wells were outfitted and input to the respective well fields.

Town of Monument, Colorado: 

LWS personnel have been the water resources consultant to Monument since 1987 and have assisted the town with the development of its Denver Basin aquifer well fields, particularly in the Arapahoe aquifer. In this area of the Denver Basin, iron and manganese concentrations are generally high in the Arapahoe aquifer and, as such, the design of optimum pumping rates has to consider not only the capability of the aquifer to produce but also minimizing excessive drawdown that exposes clays in the Arapahoe Formation to air, which can oxidize and precipitate iron and manganese, causing clogging of the well. One of the older Arapahoe aquifer wells in the town has been replaced due to excessive clogging of its well screens. LWS also assists the town with planning for future bedrock well development related to well spacing and well production considerations.

Pipe rack for production well

Pipe rack for production well

Idarado Legacy: 

LWS assisted with the Brownfields Redevelopment of the historic location of the Pandora Mill and mine tailings in Telluride, Colorado. A total of 37 large-lot residences were being developed and LWS designed and provided field observation of the installation of individual wells at each of the lots, including well development to provide a sand-free water and aquifer testing to evaluate the long-term yield of the wells. Water quality samples were also obtained during the aquifer testing to assess the potability of each individual well water supply.

Town of Louviers, Colorado: 

Louviers is a small town in Douglas County, Colorado, with approximately 100 residences. Historically, the town’s water supply has been a single Arapahoe aquifer well with no backup water supply; LWS designed and observed the construction, well development and testing of a new Laramie-Fox Hills aquifer well to provide both a supplemental water supply to the town, as well as a backup supply should the original Arapahoe aquifer well have downtime.