Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments


Phase I assessments

LWS staff have performed over 500 Phase I environmental site assessments following ASTM E1527 standards and under the confidentiality provisions of attorney-client privilege.  Sites have ranged from simple single-site commercial/agricultural property acquisitions to complex multi-facility assessments of industrial and oil field properties. 

Auto Auctions in Southeastern US:

Simultaneous Phase I assessments for several auto auction properties considered for purchase by our client were led by LWS personnel. The main activities of potential concern at the auto auctions included vehicle fueling and paint booths.  No recognized environmental conditions were identified for the large majority of the properties.  However, a portion of one of the properties had prior historical use as a carpet mill being investigated by a state regulatory agency as a primary contaminant source for an extensive contaminant plume extending offsite which affected drinking water sources in the area.  Thus, that portion of the property involving the former carpet mill was excluded from transaction by the client.

Divestiture Assessments for Light Industrial Properties Across the US:

To expedite the client’s sale of numerous light industrial properties, LWS personnel conducted Phase I assessments of the client’s facilities to identify potential recognized environmental conditions.  The assessments revealed some potential environmental concerns such as discharges of photo-developing wastes and inks to septic systems rather than to sanitary sewers, and removal of underground storage tanks without conducting closure sampling.  The resulting Phase I reports were made available to prospective purchasers in a document library, and the properties were sold within a few months after completion of the Phase I assessments.

Drycleaner Facility in Florida:

The property assessed was a dry cleaning storefront which shipped clothes offsite for treatment at a centralized dry cleaning facility.  Interviews with the facility manager indicated that dry cleaning chemicals had never been used at the subject property.  However, during the site visit, LWS personnel observed stained soils beneath dry cleaning chemical containers and a distillery recovery unit located in an unpaved outside storage area.  This issue was raised as a potential environmental concern, allowing the client (buyer) to negotiate with the seller regarding mitigation of the issue.

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