Ground Water Rights Valuations


Santa Fe Springs: 

LWS was asked to value the Denver Basin aquifer water rights beneath a portion of the 6,955-acre Santa Fe Springs property as part of a bank foreclosure. LWS used the Denver Basin Aquifer Determination Tool to assess the current water supply availability, but also evaluated pre-existing water rights on the property as well. A portion of the property has already been subdivided into approximate 35-acre parcels, while the remainder of the parcel being valued is undeveloped. Therefore, the valuation process took into account the need for the 35-acre parcels to be served by individual residential wells, while the remainder of the Denver Basin aquifer water beneath the property could be developed for other uses. Comparable sales data were used to provide a valuation of the water rights beneath a portion of the Santa Fe Springs property.

Multiple Water Rights Valuations in Elbert County: 

LWS has provided water rights valuations of multiple properties in Elbert County, including the 1,224-acre Lone Star Ranch, 1,012-acre Timber Ridge property, and a 2,749-acre ranch in northern Elbert County. LWS reviewed available records to assess what water rights were available beneath each property, including tributary and Denver Basin rights. Then, based on comparable sales, LWS provided a valuation of the available water rights beneath each property.