Changes of Use

Don Hume (Marshallville Ditch): 

Mr. Hume has a pond on his property (Hartmann Reservoir) which is generally fed by water tributary to Boulder Creek. An augmentation plan was required so the out-of-priority depletions associated with evaporation from the pond could be replaced to Boulder Creek. The augmentation water supply source were shares Mr. Hume owned in the Marshallville Ditch. LWS conducted an historic consumptive use analysis to assess the volume and timing of water available from the Marshallville Ditch, as well as the methodology to make that water available as an augmentation source. LWS’ engineering was used to support the decree obtained in Division 1 Water Court.

CAC Timnath: 

CAC Timnath is developing the Timnath Landing property southeast of Fort Collins and needs to adjudicate an augmentation plan to allow the permanent dewatering of the property to support both residential and commercial development. The source of augmentation are shares in the Lake Canal owned by CAC Timnath that will be converted as part of the augmentation plan. LWS has conducted and historic consumptive use analysis to support the augmentation plan, through interpretation of aerial photography assessment of the historic irrigation requirement through the use of the StateCU model, and evaluation of both the amount and timing of historic return flows to maintain historic conditions on the Poudre River.

Twentymile Coal Mine: 

Twentymile Coal Mine, Colorado

Twentymile Coal Mine, Colorado

The coal mine in Routt County has a number of direct flow, surface water storage, and ground water rights. LWS personnel assisted with obtaining changes of use and exchanges for a number of Twentymile’s rights to provide greater flexibility in being able to meet any future water right calls. LWS has also assisted with an evaluation of the water rights that are necessary to be maintained to meet projected future water right calls, both related to direct flow ditch rights and on-site surface water storage.